Can North East graduates provide the solution to the UK’s subsea skills shortage?

The government’s Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy, published last month (March 28th), aims to address the UK’s need to bridge the growing skills gap in the oil and gas industry by providing a clear path to exploit the UK’s remaining oil and gas reserves. The government hopes its plan will provide tax certainty, investor confidence and supply chain support, all of which it claims will attract much-needed mid-career engineers into the sector.

‘This is an expanding industry,’ said business secretary Vince Cable. ‘We can either help create more jobs and opportunities across the UK if we get this right, or see work going overseas.’ He added: ‘An important part of this strategy is how we can develop the UK supply chain. I want us to consider what barriers are stopping British companies bidding for and winning work in the North Sea.’

As part of its oil and gas strategy, the government has announced the creation of a £7m research and training centre for subsea and offshore engineering at Newcastle University. Named the Neptune National Centre for Subsea and Offshore Engineering, the centre will have a strong focus on developing highly skilled graduates to help address these key skill shortages.

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